Reflection #2

After participating in the course I can safely say that I have increased what I know about technology and will for sure implement various tools that I learned about.  I think that when the school year starts and you are trying to get everything ready you tend to not look as much at new things that might be out there and then tend to go with what you know.  This class helped open my eyes to new tools that will work great with my students and the way that I teach my classes.  I was forced to read about so many different technology related tools that I would not have had to make time for in the past.  This was a good thing because I know that the current tools that I use worked but now with these new things I am excited again to create more activities that will help my students.  I had converted my website to a 100% flash site and after about 100 hours of work it was lost somewhere in the world of technology and outdated servers.  I have learn that there are so many different things out there that can make what I did on Flash less time consuming and faster to implement.  One draw back is that most tools are preset and you have to change them according to the templates that are given to you while with Flash you had complete control over forms, video, animations and data collection.

I have learn that working with others helped me learn how to use new tools a lot faster than when I had to learn on my own.  I really like the group activities that put all the strengths of the group members in the presentations.  I will not forget how we all had to Diago our web pages something that I have shown my students.

I purchased my own website that allows for the use of the Joomla web site program.  I have already started to use the various extensions or apps to add different feature to my site.  Students are now able to log in to specific areas of the site depending on the class they are in.  I know that I will be adding more and using the Googledocs  to collect quick feedback  for grammar information we are going over.  The ability to collect data is something that really kept my attention and I started to learn how to use it better.  I don’t know about everyone else but all these tools that we were introduced to benefited me greatly.


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