C&I 579 Corrected Blog #2


High School Teacher, Hoffman Estates
Posted on 3/7/2012 8:35am

That is extremely important

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I always explain to my students from day one the rules that must be followed in my class I cover everything from respect to expectations that I have for the class. This explanation is important because I cover ethical issues and why some of the rules are put into place by me and by the school. I have found that when this is done students conduct themselves in an ethical manner when we work in projects work with other students and work in groups. Students also gain a greater respect for me because they know that I am firm and fair. There are so many teachers don’t ever cover rules and expectations and then the ethical nature of the students change. They will try and get away with as much as possible and will always have issues in their class. In the 13 years of teaching I have not had an issue when it comes to student treatment of other students or ethical conduct in class.


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