C&I 579 Corrected Blog #1


High School Teacher, Hoffman Estates
Posted on 3/7/2012 8:13am

Rewards are always great is used in the correct way.

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I have found that when I give my students to many rewards that are physical instead of other forms they tend to expect it all the time. What I mean by physical is candy. I always have so much candy that has been inspected after Halloween and since I don’t want to ruin my kids teeth I tend to take three months supply of candy with me to school. I use that candy when playing review games as a price for winning the game. I also pit side vs side and the winner get candy as well as participation points. But when I run out and we play games for a simple review they will ask me after the game is done “Mr. R where is our candy” I guess I condition them to think they would get candy each and every time. I have other rewards when it comes to being able to choose their seat in the class. The person that has the highest score can change seats when ever want and bump out someone that is sitting in the seat they want. This a great incentive for the top students and always keep the competition high in the class. Over all I tend to use review games that use student feedback and immediate response to keep them engaged. I still used candy as a reward here and there and always buy a big box for those that have the top 3 scores in the class after a test.


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