C & I 579 Corrected Blog #3



High School Teacher, Hoffman Estates
Posted on 3/7/2012 9:58am

I see this being extremely important in the near future.

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Our School district will approve a code of conduct that we will have to follow and makes so much sense because it deals with us and being safe went commenting or have a discussion with students. I am working on adding different Joomla Extension that allow students to blog on my site that is protected and can only be used by them. I have created various quizzes and have used the free sites to enhance the subject matter being presented. Students have been told since the start of the year what the expectations are they will be held accountable for and any violation will cause them to loss credit and or privileges on the site. Students don’t abuse this because they know that the technology is there to help them. But there are other technologies that are not being used correctly by many teachers and that has caused them to step into the news because of miss use. Technology is growing at an exponential rate and teachers need to know how to use the technology in a safe and useful way.


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